Investor Relations


In 2008, the Company was incorporated under the name of Planeta Ambiental – Central de Serviços Escolhas, whose corporate purpose was related to the emergency response area.

In September 2010, AMBIPAR Participações e Empreendimentos S/A (“AMBIPAR”) was founded, with the aim to consolidate all companies of the group.

In September 2011, the Company acquired SOS Cotec, a company located in São Paulo that also operated in the segment, in view to expand Ambipar’s operations in the emergency response industry.

In July 2012, Ambipar acquired 51% of the Holding Emergência Participações, which controlled the companies Suatrans, ResiSolution, Ambclean and Suatrans Chile. In this way, Ambipar sought to consolidate its emergency services business. Also, with the acquisition of Suatrans Chile, the Company began its international expansion.

In June 2016, Ambipar acquired Ecosorb, the company that brought the “marine” division to the Group, that is, the response to emergencies at sea, in addition to the production of inputs (for example absorbents, emergency kits, equipment for containment and leaks, movement and handling products, as well as manuals for emergency response).

In January 2018, the Company acquired the remaining capital of Emergência Participações, which became the parent company of Ambipar Response, current name of Suatrans.

In October 2018, Ambipar acquired Braemar Response, a company that provided emergency response services in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, initiating the expansion of its activities to Europe.

Also in October 2018, the Company acquired WGRA Gerenciamento and WGRA Operações, companies that provide emergency services focused on the demands of insurance companies, which were completely integrated into the Company’s operations in a period of 2/3 months.

In May 2019, Ambipar acquired Atmo Hazmat Ltda. which responds to road emergencies.

During 2019, AMBIPAR developed and implemented a “rebranding” strategy, through which it changed the names of the group’s companies, to reinforce the AMBIPAR identity, strengthening the brand and its interaction with customers, who now have an integrated perception of all group activities.

With the “rebranding”, there was also a corporate restructuring to divide AMBIPAR into two verticals, Ambipar Response and Ambipar Environmental, with all businesses related to emergency response being consolidated in the Response vertical and businesses related to environmental solutions started to be consolidated in the Environmental vertical. Thus, between 2020 and 2022, the Company became the consolidating holding company of the Response vertical companies.

In 2020, the Company made the first acquisitions in the international expansion to North America, acquired in the United States; Allied emergency response company, located in the state of Texas, One Stop specializing in service to the land modal, located in the states of Alabama and Florida, IntraCoastal specializing in service to the maritime and land modal (industrial and terminal), located in the states of Florida and Georgia.

Throughout 2021, it expanded its international operations with the following acquisitions:

Additionally, in 2022, it carried out the following acquisitions and we advanced in Ambipar Response’s goal of achieving world leadership in ​​environmental emergencies and industrial services.

It is important to highlight that acquisitions of Ambipar Response are guided by two main axes: gain in geographic capillarity and reduction in response time, to respond to emergencies and mitigate or eliminate the negative impacts on society, the environment and protect the reputation of our clients. In addition, the acquisitions must be synergistic and complementary to the business or linked to geographic expansion. This thinking is what makes Ambipar a unique company and continues to grow at an accelerated pace, maximizing margins and returns for all our stakeholders.

On July 6, 2022, the Company entered into a business combination agreement with HPX Corp., a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) to accelerate Ambipar Response’s growth further.

Ambipar Response shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker, “AMBI”.