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We have over 400 bases around the world, and a call center available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, making us a world reference in responding to environmental emergencies involving hazardous and non-hazardous products, with operations in all transportation modes (road, rail, port, airport, pipeline and maritime – onshore and offshore) and industries operating by land, sea and air.

We work daily with risk management and response to environmental emergencies, and we are committed to training our employees, continuous improvement of operating procedures and automation of our processes, essential pillars to ensure the excellence of the company’s Governance. Therefore, we invest in proprietary software with artificial intelligence and systems that audit and monitor our deliveries, in addition to using SAP in our operations.

For the competence of our team, we invest a lot in training and recycling. Consolidating this practice, we have developed a platform that allows training all our employees at a global scale following the same standard of procedure, health and safety, with its own content, instructors who respond to real emergencies in the field and training centers distributed in Brazil, Chile, Peru and United States.

Finally, following the guidelines set out in the SDGs established by the United Nations, in 2021 we implemented zero carbon emergency response. In partnership with Ambify, we started offsetting all carbon emissions generated in emergencies attended by Ambipar Response in Brazil, with the issuance of carbon credit retirement certificates and traceability through blockchain. With this, we are contributing to mitigating the risks of climate change, preserving our planet, and subsidizing our clients with full engagement and improvement in their ESG indicators.